My name is Maia, and I am a model and swimwear designer of Maiia Swimwear Collection. A reversible sporty-elegant swimwear line for women at the moment. Every piece is handmade by myself, with unique adjustable and replaceable straps in most of the designs of each collection. I am originally from Chaco, Argentina. I am based in New York and recently moved to my second home in Miami Beach, FL. So I spend a lot of time back and forth between these two cities that I love so much.

I studied Fashion in University of Buenos Aires for a few years. Then moved to New York City to continue my modeling work. My first design was when I had to make a unique outfit for a photo shoot. The photographer booked me and asked to bring something cool to shoot with. I had a red shirt with a New York Taxi cartoon printed on the front and I used that fabric and made a bodysuit. It wasn’t a swimwear piece because of the material. But the challenge leads me to design swimsuits and bikinis.

So I decided I will make swimwear, but I wanted to make something different, so I made it reversible with adjustable and replaceable straps. I liked the sporty style, so I painted my own artwork then transfer it to photoshop, where I finished my prints. I didn’t want my designs to looks too cute or too girly like most brands, so I went for something sporty but still elegant and comfortable to wear, having the reverse side, like having two bikinis in one, because it’s reversible.

When wearing a bikini most women feel sexy if they have the perfect body shape, but the way I see it is that every woman can look sexy and beautiful if the body looks healthy, if she is wearing the right size and swimwear style for her body type. I am very free when designing, and don’t worry too much about the tan lines my customer will get, why? Because you simply shouldn’t be sunbathing to the point of getting lines. Bad for your skin and doesn’t look good, in my opinion. That’s because as a model, I always take care of my skin and having tan lines for me is a no-no.

I have always had a passion for modeling and fashion in general, even though growing up the clothes never fit me well because I was very tall since a young age. I had my aunt that will custom made most of my clothes, specially my pants and shirts because of my long legs and arms. Back then, there were not many sizes options like they are nowadays, especially in my small town, where I am from, so it was hard for me to wear fitted clothes and look good. Nobody was making clothes for tall girls. That’s why as a designer, I want to include all sizes for all shapes. However, I am against obesity and eating disorders. I believe a woman needs to take care of herself to feel and look her best. That means creating good habits such as eating healthy, exercising and meditating. I am vegan and love people, animals and nature. I believe in supporting each other and inspiring others to help grow and be better.When I started making samples, I started working with many manufacturers in China. It was so frustrating because they never got the right fit. I noticed it was hard for them to make something reversible with the right fit, simply because they are not used to make high-quality products and reversible. It was hard to communicate with them as well because they don’t speak English very well and the time differences. So, I decided to make a small order and sell a high-quality product instead.

I don’t want to make huge quantities to lower costs and make more money. I don’t want to contribute to climate change and other cruelties the fashion industry is known for. So, I prefer keep small for now. My brand will keep being exclusive for only a few loyal customers.I am the designer, model, stylist and editor of most of my photoshoots. I am very involved. My brand is growing slow because I am doing everything by myself and it takes time. I love doing it this way because I get done exactly what I want and I learn so much along the way.

The proudest moments I get to experience often is when my customers tell me they love my product and place orders, and when I get published in magazines and runway shows.

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